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It’s Over!

January 4, 2011

I’m breaking up with you! You have been in my life for far too long and I’m leaving you for good. I realize it won’t be easy, I’ve become dependent on you to make me feel better about myself and you have done a masterful job manipulating me into believing that I need you.

The truth is I’ve known for a long time that I don’t need you, that I’m better than you and better off without you. I know, I know we’ve been through this before and I’ve heard all of your excuses as to why we should give it another shot but I will not fall for your lies this time. I’m going to tear you off like the f#*@ing leach you are once and for all.

Sure, you have comforted me through some difficult times and we have partied on more occasions then I can recall but for all I have given of myself all I ever get in return from you is misery. There will be pangs of fear over the empty space you leave behind but I’ve already got plans to fill those spots with new healthy relationships. I have a date with boxing next week and I have a new room mate taking your place at home in a couple of days. Her name is Vita-Mix, she’s a bit of a loud mouth but she makes me feel good about myself and she can cook.

Oh and I know we will see each other at those places we both seem to frequent. Obviously I can’t stop you from patronizing them but don’t bother saying hello, you are embarrassing and you reek.

Happier Times.

You have until midnight tonight to get your shit out!


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