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Vancouver Is Awesome

June 29, 2012

Happy to see one of my images from last weekends shoot with Dominique Fricot on Vancouver Is Awesome today!

Watch Dominique’s impromptu performance live at The Burrard Motor Inn here.


Fun with Charlie and Cole

December 1, 2010

Twins Charlie and Cole came by with their mom and dad for a photo shoot this past weekend. We had lot’s of fun and then they got to go to Disney on Ice.


November 26, 2010

Today marks the beginning of the Eastside Culture Crawl so it seems only fitting to showcase one of my favourite artists.

You all met Indigo a few posts back when she painted an installation in my loft space.

I twittered @indi_gone (as you do these days) asking if I could swing by her studio space and make some photos. She kindly obliged so I packed up my gear and walked over to her place of work in the heart of the downtown eastside.

I’ve only met Indigo twice now, this time like the last with a big welcoming smile on her face. She gave me a quick tour of the studio which is home to approximately 20 artists, 10 on the top floor and ten on the bottom. Indigo’s space on the bottom floor and close to the drafty front door is a perfect mess. Beautiful pieces of art tucked away on shelves, stuck to walls and leaning up against bookshelves share the room with among other things, Christmas lights, an east coast lobster trap hanging from the ceiling and an art deco swivel chair that Indigo intermittently moves back and forth from to assess and re-assess her latest masterpiece.

The following images document my hour or so hanging out and watching Indigo make hundreds of careful brushstrokes. They are in no particular order and include a few HDR shots as well as a slightly flawed but interesting pano of the entire space.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a piece of art this would be the weekend to do it, and Indigo would be the artist to buy it from. Culture Crawlers will find her work at Gallery Atsui, 602 East Hastings @ Princess. Or, tweet her like I did @indi_gone and ask her about the dozen or so pieces she has sitting in her studio space looking for homes. Hands off the rollerskating girl though, that’s meant to be mine someday.

“Shave and a haircut, two bits”

July 6, 2010

A friend of mine Jordi has added barber to his list of occupations. Jordi is one of those super talented guys who is good at whatever he takes on in life. He is a server at one of Vancouver’s finest restaurant’s, he is an inspiring and accomplished photographer, and now a barber!.

My buddy Mike called me this past Sunday asking me to grab my bike and hustle up to Uptown Barber, the shop Jordi is apprenticing out of on Main near Kingsway.

I made a few images of Jordi cleaning the peach fuzz off of Mike’s mug.

It costs a little more than “two bits” these days but it’s worth every penny. Jordi is still finishing up his schooling so currently he is only doing shaves out of the shop on Sundays. Pop in and say hello.

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