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No Reconciliation

January 4, 2012

As today marks one year to the day that I broke up with cigarettes I felt it fitting to wish my lungs a Happy 1st Birthday.

Any of you that follow this blog know that typically this is the part where I would add photos of my lungs in their youth, learning to ride a bike, graduating from high school, playing beer pong and backpacking around Europe.

The truth is I no longer have any of those photos, I hacked them all up about a month after cigarettes left.



July 28, 2009

Years ago I was weedeating my front lawn and this happened.

weedeater face

I had purchased a fancy new “Grass Hog”, the type you can flip on it’s side with the push of a button, great for edging sidewalks and what have you. I had just changed the string thinking the extra foot of line hanging off the end would snap off as soon as I fired it up. It did, I pulled the trigger and within seconds was flat on my ass!. I really wasn’t sure what had hit me, initially I thought my mouth had split open at the corners from ear to ear, like the Joker or Bert or Ernie.

My friends had good laughs at my misfortune, understandable considering I walked around for the next three weeks with a half Zorro moustache.

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