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Go Kaden Go!

March 5, 2010

I want to wish my nephew Kaden good luck this weekend in his final hockey tournament of the season.

Love you buddy, sorry I can’t be there.



February 22, 2010

My friend Kristina invited me to join her and her family in Whistler this past weekend. They were all going to the two man bobsleigh event and I was going to walk around the village and make a few images. After lunch Kristina’s father Barry informed me that I would be taking his ticket and attending the event with the girls!.

Needless to say, I’ve never photographed a bobsleder (sleigher?). Capturing an object moving at 140/kmh in a split second is a challenge, It took me a little practice to dial in my camera.

We saw a number of crashes, the sound of a bobsleigh upside down at 140/kmh is like nothing you’ve ever heard. Amazing how quickly thousands of screaming fans become instantly quiet. Luckily no one was seriously injured, one of the British competitors did however leave some of his back on the track.

Thanks Barry and Karen once again for your generous hospitality, it was an experience of a lifetime.

2010 Olympic Torch Relay

February 11, 2010

The Olympic torch relay passed my workplace just moments ago.

The pass off.

Torch putter outer guy.

Yours to keep for $390.00.

“Hi Uncle Jason, It’s David.”

January 25, 2010

I received the following voice mail this past Saturday. My godson David wanting to know if I’d like to join him for some stick and puck.

Cute kid huh! Who wouldn’t want to go skating with him.

We had a great time!. Zio Pete, cousins Mitchell and Adam and friend and equally cute kid Lucas showed up for a couple turns. And just like that, uncle J is off to buy skates for next weekend.



I'm not sure what was being discussed here......

...but shortly after, David took out his Dad and roughed him up.

So smug as he skates away.

Great stick handling.


Adam ripping down the ice.

Lucas crosses over.

David given'r!

Little Ava watched from the stands. I can’t wait to get the same phone call from her in a few years. I wonder if I’ll have to buy figure skates?.

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