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That’s it That’s All

February 16, 2011

Bought a new lens and took a wander around False Creek a few weeks back. The images look better if you click on them. That’s it that’s all.


I like this image because…

March 2, 2010

... it's moss on the seawall that looks like a group of islands from a plane.

... just because.

... broccoli looks amazing in black and white.

... it says it all.

... this man is the Dr. Doolittle of Stanley Park.

... it shows the West End before they painted the pink building.

... it's one of the most beautiful places on earth.

... it makes me feel calm.

...Europe has the best loungers.

... I think I might want a dog.

... it's one of the first images I ever made.

... there is always something to look forward to in life.

... it's so simple yet so complex.

... I've never been and I want to go.


October 26, 2009

…a time of full maturity, esp. the late stages of full maturity or, sometimes, the early stages of decline.

I spent some time in Stanley Park this weekend admiring and photographing the change of season.










Change is good.

Too busy for words today…

June 18, 2009

…perhaps you’d like to a take a ride around the park. Click the HQ button on the player for best results.

My appologies to those that get motion sick.

Ride On!!

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