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Track Lighting

September 10, 2010

My friend Tyler and I made a last minute decision to go out and shoot a few nights back. We decided Parker Street studios and the neighbouring railroad tracks in east van would be interesting subject matter. If you have ever been to the Eastside Culture Crawl you will recognize this studio. If you haven’t been to the culture crawl be sure to check it out this November.

In other news, I sold a print today. I always enjoy selling a print. I vote for more people buying prints!

I won’t get into detail explaining any of these except to say that the pigeons where annoyed with us and that I like number’s 7 and 9 the best. You?


Mexican Fireworks for June G.

July 30, 2010

Here you go June!

I made this stop motion movie at the fireworks last Wednesday night. It was shot through a window so it’s a little over/underexposed at times, not to mention mostly out of focus and all around underwhelming. The helicopters and planes flying around might be the best parts. Best viewed fullscreen on the 720p setting.

Painting with light

June 17, 2009

A few years ago I learned a technique called painting with light. These are some of my attempts at this style of photography, looking back at these images I’m not sure why I haven’t explored it more.

This image was created with a variety pack of mini glow sticks a sparkler and a laser pointer.


This one was created with a Ryobi flashlight and a snoot. A snoot is a piece of heavy paper rolled into a cone and attached to said flashlight. In a nutshell it allows you to narrow your beam of light, kinda like using a thin paintbrush.

An LED flashlight.


One of my first with a laser pointer.


Another made with a flashlight, oh and the moon.


Sunlight through a bottle of olive oil and piece of purple glass.


Some might argue the following images aren’t examples of painting with light. I would disagree, I just slowed down my shutter speed and let the light paint itself.

The skytrain being the skytrain.


Georgia Street Vancouver


There are many great examples of this technique online, check out Patrick Koslo’s work for starts. Patrick was my instructor at Langara College’s photography program.

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