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Vancouver Is Awesome

June 29, 2012

Happy to see one of my images from last weekends shoot with Dominique Fricot on Vancouver Is Awesome today!

Watch Dominique’s impromptu performance live at The Burrard Motor Inn here.


It’s Friday…

December 10, 2010

…Get It On! Flight of the Conchords style.

Indigo Painting Alena

October 28, 2010

The wonderful and uber talented Indigo came and painted an installation in my loft space this week. I took the opportunity to make a poorly lit stop motion of the process and turned it into what you see below. My friends Natalie and Brent aka “Weathered Hearts” lent their song “Shameful” to the clip and my good buddy and motion gfx guru Tim J helped me out with the titles and effects.

So do yourselves a favour and hire Indigo to create a commission for you! nowsap as she would say. She can be found here

You can find more of Weathered Hearts music here . I’m not sure if you can actually purchase their music anywhere but send them some money anyway.

Stay tuned for a more thorough blog post on Indigo in her studio space coming soon.

It’s Friday…

August 20, 2010

…get it ON!

My friend Matthew introduced me to GRUM last night. This vid is hilarious!

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