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Happy Birthday JT

December 3, 2010

No it’s not Justin Timberlake’s birthday!

Today is my dear friend James G Thornley’s birthday! I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you about him.

He is an excellent chef and a BBQ master. Takes him forever to clean the grate though.

He loves adventure and has traveled the world.

He enjoys canning vegetables, even when he has stayed up until 4am partying the night before.

He grew up on a farm and still enjoys a good pony ride.

He's feisty though his bark is much worse then his bite.

He has more friends than anyone I know...

...ironically he will not join Facebook! ...ironically two hot birds and a Turkey.

He enjoys a good hike, here he is on a Haleakala in Maui...

...and here he is on Piestewa Peak in Arizona

He is quite the swinger!...

... incidentally he also enjoys golfing.

He and actor Michael Keaton share a similar profile.

He is thoughtful...

...and always has a rebel yell chambered and at the ready.

A few little known facts about James. He raised birmingham roller pigeons in his youth and used to show them at the PNE!. His favourite pigeon was named Bernice, sadly she was attacked by a hawk while James was training her. He was an extra on 21 Jumpstreet, Johnny Depp often stays at James home while in Vancouver!. Okay that’s not true at all, but he was on 21 Jumpstreet. He enjoys the odd pint of beer and occasionally dips into a glass of Crown Royal.

Seriously though Jamie you are truly a great friend, you have a big compassionate heart and your loyalty never waivers. You have learned to endure my close walking in the mall, my incessant arm bars and my steam rolls while on vacations.

Happy Birthday buddy!



November 16, 2010

…I swear I have interesting new posts coming soon, they include an artist in her studio space, broom parking, Vancouver’s flea market and vintage New York stripper polaroids. Until then here are a few images I made but never posted from Maui this year.

Click image for full awesomeness

Hana Highway

April 29, 2010

Struggling to come up with words to describe one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The island of Maui is stunning! The Hana Highway is stunning times ten!

I’m afraid these images don’t do the place any justice. You would have to add the sound of the ocean, birds, waterfalls and the local Hawaiian radio station blasting in the car. You would have to smell the flowers in the air and feel the warm breeze while eating a piece of fresh banana bread. You would have to have your shirt off, sunglasses and flip flops on with the AC cranked. Maybe best for your to go there and see it for yourself.

Bridge over Three Bear Falls

Three Bear Falls.

Pork Taco stop

The pork taco stop.

The pork taco.

Mangrove trail to fresh water caves.

Looking back along the highway.

One of the dozens of waterfalls.

Road to the black sand beach.

The black sand beach.

Volcanic Arch

The Seven Sacred Pools.

Church in the middle of actual nowhere.

The backside of Haleakala.

Sunset on the Haleakala highway overlooking Kihei.

Home now, back to reality. At least in body.

Paradise is somewhere down there.

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