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September 16, 2011

About a month ago I downloaded the free Instagram app onto my iPhone. It allows you to take pictures with your phone and then add filters with names like X-Pro II, Earlybird, Poprocket and 1977. You can then choose to share those images with a world of like minded photo narcissists. I’ve become quite addicted myself, the following images chronicle things I felt compelled to photograph in my life over the past 30 days or so. I currently have only two followers myself so if you have the app look me up under the moniker “jevanshead”. The images look better if you click on them.

Pancake breakfast at Deacon's Corner in Gastown.

Shopping with the girls in Gastown.

Fence shadows on the seawall.

James pures one at the 12th hole at Westwood Plateau.

Cheese smokies from Oyama at my house.

Kristina on the Pinnacle cruising the seawall.

Carrots in the Granville Island Public Market.

Kristina's catch at her house.

Things that are orange.

Hiking on Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver.

Joe's garage in Burnaby at dusk.

Bowen Island beer coaster at Mahoney's.

Hibatchi in a Chinatown window.

The best beer ever made at Nicli Antica Pizzeria in Gastown.

Forest flora in the Seymour Demonstration forest.

Empty cup at La Casita in Powell River.

Dawne-O's peach and sour cherry pie in the West End.

The last sip of black cherry Pop Shop at Acme Cafe in Gastown.

Friendly staff at Save-On-Meats in Gastown.

Local summer berry lunch.

Creepy heads on Main St in East Van.

James view at sunset in Gastown.

The Picnic Board at Nelson the Seagull in Gastown.

Coffee making process at Revolver in Gastown.

Michelle's night cap in Crosstown.

Love cross on Granville Island.

Sake tasting on Granville Island.

Sunset tennis in East Van.

Recycling in the alley, Crosstown.

Under the Lions Gate bridge on the seawall.

Third Beach, Vancouver.

Rock balancing near the seawall.

The Sylvia hotel in the West End.

My shadow on the seawall.

Helicopter photo shoot over the West End.

Sara's spiral staircase.

Water fountain in West Vancouver.

Book changing room in Gastown.

Lone kayaker under the Cambie bridge in False Creek.

Dawne-O's new shoes.

Flowers on the seawall in West Vancouver.

Summer camp fire in Powell River.

Michelle's coffee at Acme cafe in Gastown.


Happy Birthday JT

December 3, 2010

No it’s not Justin Timberlake’s birthday!

Today is my dear friend James G Thornley’s birthday! I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you about him.

He is an excellent chef and a BBQ master. Takes him forever to clean the grate though.

He loves adventure and has traveled the world.

He enjoys canning vegetables, even when he has stayed up until 4am partying the night before.

He grew up on a farm and still enjoys a good pony ride.

He's feisty though his bark is much worse then his bite.

He has more friends than anyone I know...

...ironically he will not join Facebook! ...ironically two hot birds and a Turkey.

He enjoys a good hike, here he is on a Haleakala in Maui...

...and here he is on Piestewa Peak in Arizona

He is quite the swinger!...

... incidentally he also enjoys golfing.

He and actor Michael Keaton share a similar profile.

He is thoughtful...

...and always has a rebel yell chambered and at the ready.

A few little known facts about James. He raised birmingham roller pigeons in his youth and used to show them at the PNE!. His favourite pigeon was named Bernice, sadly she was attacked by a hawk while James was training her. He was an extra on 21 Jumpstreet, Johnny Depp often stays at James home while in Vancouver!. Okay that’s not true at all, but he was on 21 Jumpstreet. He enjoys the odd pint of beer and occasionally dips into a glass of Crown Royal.

Seriously though Jamie you are truly a great friend, you have a big compassionate heart and your loyalty never waivers. You have learned to endure my close walking in the mall, my incessant arm bars and my steam rolls while on vacations.

Happy Birthday buddy!

Tall Dark, NO Room

November 3, 2010

***I posted this a few months back and promptly removed it as I thought it stunk of negativity. It still does, but it happened again today and I have recently converted to grande $3 Americanos once a day. So suck an egg Starbucks.

On a constructive note and you’re welcome in advance Howard Schultz (Starbucks founder), why not have a little “fill to here” line at the top of each cup for all of us tightwads?. Surely a quarter inch of black ink wouldn’t break the bank? you already have Christmas presents out for Peter’s sake. Imagine how much more money you would make in wasted coffee from all those folks that just cant stand getting a full cup and B line to pour it into the garbage.***

I realize this is a first world problem but almost everyday for the past three years I stop at the same Starbucks on my way to work and order the exact same thing “Tall dark, no room please”. Most of the time my coffee is poured and waiting for me before I even get to the register and when it’s not one of the 6 or so employees that might know me better than some of my co-workers will say “morning! tall dark no room, right?”.

This morning however I was handed what you see pictured below even after repeating my morning mantra “Tall dark no room please”. Really?. Do they think I would actually fill the remaining inch and half of air with cream?. I ordered a cup of coffee, is it to much to ask for it to be full?…oh yeah, I did ask for it to be full. In the past I would have sheepishly asked “umm would you mind filling this up”, but it was busy and after all this is why I have been repeating “Tall dark, no room please” for the past 700 or so days. Right?.

I bet the Brits don’t put up with this nonsense.

No means No

Enub Already!

October 6, 2010

Some of you have commented recently about my lack of blog posts. Well good things come to those who wait! You’ll be thrilled to hear that today’s post is an ode to the Nub.

What is a Nub you ask. I think the Nub de résistance would be that little knurled and twisted piece of intestine that resides at the end of an otherwise delicious sausage, the Nub most of us leave abandoned on our plates. I say most of us because there are actually some folks out there that will not only chew down their own Nub but will scan the plates of others for rogue Nubs.

So there you have it, the images below reflect an afternoon cooking Beef Bourguignon and taking pictures of random Nubs.

You see! I need time between posts to develop these amazing, important and thought provoking pieces.

The little black banana stinger is a close second amongst the vilest of nubs.

Bananas are multi-nubbed.

Banumbillical Nub.


Filthy Celery Nub (also a good name for a band).






Stinky little garlicnub.





Hairy Onionub.


Gang of Nubs.

I’m sorry I can’t give you this time back.

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