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Happy Birthday Leslie!

January 22, 2013

Today is a very special day! Today is my dear sister Leslie’s birthday. Leslie is an amazing individual and I’d like to take a minute to tell you a little about her.

She's been by my side since day one!

She’s been by my side since day one!

Sometimes she could be a little grumpy...

Sometimes she could be a little grumpy…

...but mostly she was always happy!

…but mostly she was always happy!

...she loves her pops...(or is that Elvis?)

…she loves her pops…(or is that Elvis?)

...and her mamma too...

…and her Mamma too.

...and is a great mother herself...

She is a great mother to Kaden…

She's got herself a great guy who appreciates what he has.

…and a great wife to Rob.

She loves fishing and isn't afraid of a little blood and guts.

She loves fishing and isn’t afraid of a little blood and guts.

and boating

She loves boating…

she loves exploring

…and exploring the great outdoors.

She had a lot of permanents as a child...

She had a lot of permanents as a child…

...she's had some pretty interesting outfits...

…and some pretty interesting outfits too!

Seriously Mom?

Seriously Mom?


She never did learn to play the piano…

…but did become an accomplished flutist!

...proud to call you my sister

We are lucky kids…

…and I am a lucky brother.

Les you always put others first, you really are a true selfless shirt off your back kinda person and anyone who knows you would agree. You’re a great mother, daughter and wife and an inspiration to myself and so many others. Thanks for always being there for me, you are not only my sister but one of my best friends. I love you and am proud of you.

Let’s all take a minute and wish my sister a very happy day!!


Happy Birthday Kristina!

February 28, 2012

Today is a very special day! Today is my dear friend Kristina’s birthday. Kristina is one of my favourite people ever in the whole world and I’d like to take a minute to tell you a little about her.

Most people are unaware that she has a massive left hand!

She has a sister called Chicken. As you can see from her expression you best not mess with the Chicken.

She was asked not to touch this frozen sculpture at the Kokannee factory. As soon as the bartender turned around she did this.

She has a wonderful supportive family...

...and a special bond with her Pops!

She likes the tall hairy type...

...but her current squeeze is a little man called the Bean!.

She has slept with the same stuffed animal since she was a little girl. He is a beaver named Bertie. This is not Bertie.

She enjoys taking a bike ride...

...and can wake board like the dickens!

I just like this photo.

She's been known to punch a pumpkin.

She's a great cook, her specialty is eggplant parmasean.

During the 2010 Olympics she was a member of the Beatty Street speed skating team.

This is her celebrating the moment she booked a vacation.

She wishes she had her own secret garden.

She's a talented Artist.

She is hygienic.

Her beauty is breathtaking...

...and she is my friend till the end. Even with the second head.

Kristina, I am so thankful you hopped on that elevator three years ago. You are selfless, thoughtful and so so supportive, you are generous to a fault, you have compassion for those less fortunate and a zest for life like no one I’ve ever known. I am truly blessed to know you!

Let’s all take a minute and wish Kristina a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Carolina

January 12, 2011

I’ve been playing a little catch up since returning from my holidays. Two very important people in my life celebrated their birthdays recently and I haven’t had a chance to post their birthday blogs.

Carolina’s birthday was January 5th. Carol is one of my favourite people on the planet and I’d like to take a minute to tell you about her.

She was a cute little girl...

...that became a beautiful woman.

She is married to a great guy...

...and together they have produced two more of my favourite people.

Once and awhile she gets a collo piegato.

She has a bit of a wild side.

This is how she looked pregnant.

She's an amazing hostess and cook.

She enjoys relaxing at the cabin on the lake...

Or taking in some rays on the beach.

...or taking a walk on the beach.

A good looking familia.

She is always smiling.

Carol poses with a forehead!

Carol is fiercely loyal to her family and friends. She is tough and will punch you in your eye if you disrespect her beloved Canucks! She loves the summer and gardening and BBQ’s with friends.

Carol you are one of those rare people in life that I feel I can truly be myself around (I’m sure more than you’d like). I am always amazed by your seemingly endless energy and supermomness! You are selfless and always put your family and friends first. You have gone above and beyond for me through thick and thin and I love you.

Happy Birthday Bella!

Bakers Balance

March 15, 2010

Anyone who looks at my blog on a semi / regular basis has probably noticed the link in my blog roll to Bakers Balance. Bakers Balance is my friend Dawne-O’s blog and is in my opinion the best clean eating food blog in Vancouver and perhaps the world. It is full of great knowledge and recipes and the writing is witty and funny with proper grammar and spelling and everything. On top of that all of the stunning images are shot by Dawne-O herself. So in case you missed it, check out Bakers Balance today!.

Learn how to make your own home made mootard right here!

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