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March 8, 2010

I have the itch. You know, that overwhelming urge to go somewhere, anywhere! I was looking at some old travel images on the weekend and it gave me the itch!. There is an opportunity to go to Costa Rica soon, hours of yoga on the beach, surfing and good food. Anyone been? ….thoughts?.

So here’s a little ode to the itch that is travel, may we all get a good scratch this year.



July 8, 2009

I’ve had the good fortune to travel to Cuba three times in the past 6 years. Cuba is a beautiful country and the Cuban people are truly some of the most friendly you will ever meet. Things are beginning to change for the people of Cuba, a good thing in so many ways. I hope with that deserved change the Cuban people will be able to hold onto thier amazing culture.

I have literally a thousand images of Cuba. These are a few that I quite like from each of my visits and include shots from Havana, Cardenas and Varadero. These are a mixture of slide and digital film and are presented in no particular order.

Another Cuban Whale Sighting

June 26, 2009

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