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Tall Dark, NO Room

November 3, 2010

***I posted this a few months back and promptly removed it as I thought it stunk of negativity. It still does, but it happened again today and I have recently converted to grande $3 Americanos once a day. So suck an egg Starbucks.

On a constructive note and you’re welcome in advance Howard Schultz (Starbucks founder), why not have a little “fill to here” line at the top of each cup for all of us tightwads?. Surely a quarter inch of black ink wouldn’t break the bank? you already have Christmas presents out for Peter’s sake. Imagine how much more money you would make in wasted coffee from all those folks that just cant stand getting a full cup and B line to pour it into the garbage.***

I realize this is a first world problem but almost everyday for the past three years I stop at the same Starbucks on my way to work and order the exact same thing “Tall dark, no room please”. Most of the time my coffee is poured and waiting for me before I even get to the register and when it’s not one of the 6 or so employees that might know me better than some of my co-workers will say “morning! tall dark no room, right?”.

This morning however I was handed what you see pictured below even after repeating my morning mantra “Tall dark no room please”. Really?. Do they think I would actually fill the remaining inch and half of air with cream?. I ordered a cup of coffee, is it to much to ask for it to be full?…oh yeah, I did ask for it to be full. In the past I would have sheepishly asked “umm would you mind filling this up”, but it was busy and after all this is why I have been repeating “Tall dark, no room please” for the past 700 or so days. Right?.

I bet the Brits don’t put up with this nonsense.

No means No


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