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“Shave and a haircut, two bits”

July 6, 2010

A friend of mine Jordi has added barber to his list of occupations. Jordi is one of those super talented guys who is good at whatever he takes on in life. He is a server at one of Vancouver’s finest restaurant’s, he is an inspiring and accomplished photographer, and now a barber!.

My buddy Mike called me this past Sunday asking me to grab my bike and hustle up to Uptown Barber, the shop Jordi is apprenticing out of on Main near Kingsway.

I made a few images of Jordi cleaning the peach fuzz off of Mike’s mug.

It costs a little more than “two bits” these days but it’s worth every penny. Jordi is still finishing up his schooling so currently he is only doing shaves out of the shop on Sundays. Pop in and say hello.


Too busy for words today…

June 18, 2009

…perhaps you’d like to a take a ride around the park. Click the HQ button on the player for best results.

My appologies to those that get motion sick.

Ride On!!

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