Happy Birthday Kristina!

Today is a very special day! Today is my dear friend Kristina’s birthday. Kristina is one of my favourite people ever in the whole world and I’d like to take a minute to tell you a little about her.

Most people are unaware that she has a massive left hand!

She has a sister called Chicken. As you can see from her expression you best not mess with the Chicken.

She was asked not to touch this frozen sculpture at the Kokannee factory. As soon as the bartender turned around she did this.

She has a wonderful supportive family...

...and a special bond with her Pops!

She likes the tall hairy type...

...but her current squeeze is a little man called the Bean!.

She has slept with the same stuffed animal since she was a little girl. He is a beaver named Bertie. This is not Bertie.

She enjoys taking a bike ride...

...and can wake board like the dickens!

I just like this photo.

She's been known to punch a pumpkin.

She's a great cook, her specialty is eggplant parmasean.

During the 2010 Olympics she was a member of the Beatty Street speed skating team.

This is her celebrating the moment she booked a vacation.

She wishes she had her own secret garden.

She's a talented Artist.

She is hygienic.

Her beauty is breathtaking...

...and she is my friend till the end. Even with the second head.

Kristina, I am so thankful you hopped on that elevator three years ago. You are selfless, thoughtful and so so supportive, you are generous to a fault, you have compassion for those less fortunate and a zest for life like no one I’ve ever known. I am truly blessed to know you!

Let’s all take a minute and wish Kristina a very Happy Birthday!


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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Kristina!”

  1. Dawne Says:

    Happiest of happy birthdays! We love you!
    many x’s & o’s from D & M & t aka The Bean

  2. Leslie Says:

    Happy birthday Kristina!!!! From Jason’s sister Leslie!!!! Hope yr day was great!!

  3. Ariadna Noriega Says:

    Hey Marsdina, hate to admit I even clicked and went through this, cuz you know us Montrealers, must stay cooler than scoping out other people’s fb. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! your friend paid you a great photo with caption tribute. actually went through it 2x! and writing you this comment with the same big smile from looking through all those memories I didn’t get to participate in with you, but made me remember all the good times we did have and what a great time you are!!! All those around you past & present are fortunate.

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