New Thread – ing

I went with my friend Sara yesterday to have her eyebrows threaded. Whilst flipping through the latest edition of OK Canada catching up on which celebrities will have the life changing opportunity to attend the nuptials of William and Kate, it occurred to me that my Traguses (pictured below) had been sprouting hair like two small herb gardens in recent months.

“I wonder if they could thread my Tragus” I said to myself, and then aloud. “Sure we can”, the technician replied!

The images below depict my first ever Tragus threading, both of which now resemble newborn Traguses.

Before - Hairy Tragus

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3...son of a..

After - Smooth Tragus


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2 Responses to “New Thread – ing”

  1. Dawne Says:

    I was there yesterday, too!
    Your external auditory meatus must look a lot more cleanus.

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