Enub Already!

Some of you have commented recently about my lack of blog posts. Well good things come to those who wait! You’ll be thrilled to hear that today’s post is an ode to the Nub.

What is a Nub you ask. I think the Nub de résistance would be that little knurled and twisted piece of intestine that resides at the end of an otherwise delicious sausage, the Nub most of us leave abandoned on our plates. I say most of us because there are actually some folks out there that will not only chew down their own Nub but will scan the plates of others for rogue Nubs.

So there you have it, the images below reflect an afternoon cooking Beef Bourguignon and taking pictures of random Nubs.

You see! I need time between posts to develop these amazing, important and thought provoking pieces.

The little black banana stinger is a close second amongst the vilest of nubs.

Bananas are multi-nubbed.

Banumbillical Nub.


Filthy Celery Nub (also a good name for a band).






Stinky little garlicnub.





Hairy Onionub.


Gang of Nubs.

I’m sorry I can’t give you this time back.


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4 Responses to “Enub Already!”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Hey Jay
    Thanks for that ……. you actually made my day with your blog today. Too funny!!

  2. S-e Says:

    One of your more fascinating and inspired blogs. Very thought provoking…..

  3. dawnegourley Says:

    After reading that I must say that I’ve had enub.

  4. Timmy J. Says:

    A fine example of Nubography Jay!

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