Track Lighting

My friend Tyler and I made a last minute decision to go out and shoot a few nights back. We decided Parker Street studios and the neighbouring railroad tracks in east van would be interesting subject matter. If you have ever been to the Eastside Culture Crawl you will recognize this studio. If you haven’t been to the culture crawl be sure to check it out this November.

In other news, I sold a print today. I always enjoy selling a print. I vote for more people buying prints!

I won’t get into detail explaining any of these except to say that the pigeons where annoyed with us and that I like number’s 7 and 9 the best. You?


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3 Responses to “Track Lighting”

  1. kent Says:

    My brotha, how many times do I need to tell you that you need have an exhibit at an art
    gallery to showcase your work! You’ve got an incredible for picking scenes and objects that are
    both massively appealing to the eye but also thought provoking.
    I will fly up to Vancouver in a second to see your show!

  2. brian gourley Says:

    Hello Jason. in the 1940s,my gradfather owned a store”Gourleys Marine Outfitters”,on Powell street I believw the building still stands I will try and get the adress,it my be photo worthy your freind Brian

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