All Day In the Car

I made a this stop motion movie of my drive up to Powell River this past weekend. I took one photo every ten seconds for the entire drive between Langdale and Earls Cove then created the movie in Quicktime at 6 frames per second. The song I choose to go along with the movie called “All Day In the Car” explains driving to PR perfectly. Watch it on the HD setting if your computer allows.

Check back soon for the drive home.


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8 Responses to “All Day In the Car”

  1. amy Says:

    coolio. good concept. next time you should rig a hood mount cam.

  2. amy Says:

    oh yeah. You don’t have a hood. duh.

  3. leslie Says:

    but wasnt it totally worth the fishing when you finally got here?!!!!

  4. Shane Says:

    Thats really cool, it was good to see you this weekend, too bad it wasn’t that easy of a drive all the time.

  5. Pete Says:

    Very cool Jason. I’ve always wanted to do the time lapse myself. For a few secs there I was confused ’cause your steering wheel was on the wrong side… Then realized you must be driving a Delica or something similar.


  6. Tim J Says:

    I’ve always wanted to do that on my daily commute. Nicely done J. Next time pass that darn red car!

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