1 year olds

I just finished reading my friend Dawne-O’s Thursday blog. She mentioned that June 8th was the first birthday of her blog which in turn reminded me that yesterday was the first birthday of my blog!.

Wow, time really does fly. So what does a blogger do to celebrate (in my case) one year of meaningless drivel?. Well later I’ll probably do some yoga, but for now how about a few facts about my blog to date.

Fact#1 – I have had 19,994 hits on my blog in the last year.

Fact#2This was my most viewed post in a single day with almost 3000 hits. In the month in which it was posted that post received almost 8000 hits.

Fact#3This post on the Hana Highway made the Freshly Pressed or front page of WordPress.

Ahh screw the facts, how about another bit of Jay Evans Mindfreak!. In this clip I guess the object the skytrain attendant is thinking of with simple eye contact.

To another year!?!


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One Response to “1 year olds”

  1. dawnegourley Says:

    Happy birthday to our blogs. Let’s celebrate tomorrow night!

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