Jay Evans Mindfreak!

Today is the first in a series my friends are calling Jay Evans Mindfreak! Apparently my buddy Mike had no idea that I am a magician with tricks and illusions rivaling the likes of Criss Angel, David Blaine, Lance Burton and even the great Houdini! He happened to have his camera on hand last Friday evening and managed to record some of my street magic.

This first clip showcases an illusion I call “Hair Ball”

I guess it’s no surprise to anyone I now live in the building where Houdini once hung upside down and escaped a straight jacket in front of his own adoring fans.

He would have been a hit on the Skytrain

Stay tuned, another Jay Evans Mindfreak coming soon!


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2 Responses to “Jay Evans Mindfreak!”

  1. dawnegourley Says:

    Mind the freak.

  2. leslie Says:

    you re hilarious!!!

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