1. a. To render (an object or image) in clear outline or sharp detail by adjustment of one’s vision or an optical device; bring into focus.

Photography is my passion in life, I’m sure if you asked people who know me to “name something you associate with Jason?” 90% would say photography or “camera”. Incedently the other 10% would likely immediately blurt “great looks” correction my friend Dawne immediately blurted “beer”.

So that’s me! Jason the photo guy, the guy who always has his camera and always makes photos of his friends. Birthday party’s, weddings, any life event really. I could make books on the last decade of some of my friends lives and still leave hundreds of shots on the cutting room floor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s my passion, it’s what I do and I love it.

One thing that has become very apparent to me however when looking through the tens of thousands of images I have made over the years is that their are none of me?. Okay, that’s not exactly 100% the truth. There are actually photos of me, at times one of my well intentioned friends will abscond my camera and make an honest effort to capture my fat little face for “the record”.

Unfortunately they all seem to lack one important thing…. focus!

Happy Birthday to me! Note the balloon, sharp as a tack.

Putting for a vary rare Eagle at Westwood Plateau

Souvenir snap after making the eagle!

Driving the fire truck in Stanley Park.

This way to the Seawall.

Beer making with my buddy Mike.

Truthfully my camera can be a handful and besides who really wants their photo taken anyway.

Check back I have many more to add from the archives.


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