Hana Highway

Struggling to come up with words to describe one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The island of Maui is stunning! The Hana Highway is stunning times ten!

I’m afraid these images don’t do the place any justice. You would have to add the sound of the ocean, birds, waterfalls and the local Hawaiian radio station blasting in the car. You would have to smell the flowers in the air and feel the warm breeze while eating a piece of fresh banana bread. You would have to have your shirt off, sunglasses and flip flops on with the AC cranked. Maybe best for your to go there and see it for yourself.

Bridge over Three Bear Falls

Three Bear Falls.

Pork Taco stop

The pork taco stop.

The pork taco.

Mangrove trail to fresh water caves.

Looking back along the highway.

One of the dozens of waterfalls.

Road to the black sand beach.

The black sand beach.

Volcanic Arch

The Seven Sacred Pools.

Church in the middle of actual nowhere.

The backside of Haleakala.

Sunset on the Haleakala highway overlooking Kihei.

Home now, back to reality. At least in body.

Paradise is somewhere down there.


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56 Responses to “Hana Highway”

  1. miscellaneoussheepery Says:

    These photographs are beautiful. They only strengthened my desire to visit Hawaii some day =D

  2. asepsaiba Says:

    Woww!! wonderfull pics….

  3. Kat Says:

    where is the skinny dipping pictures??????

  4. debbe Says:

    Love your photos! They look amazing!!

  5. Nelson González Leal Says:

    It is true that there is nothing better than checking directly the beauty and quality of things and places. However, these images, with its delicate blur, allow the viewer to be a very good idea of the quality of the place and allow the imagination of the sensations to be felt in the site.
    Excellent image quality. Excellent photographic eye.

  6. Andrea Says:

    Wow just made me want to apply to med school at Hawaii State…..though I am sure they have a ton of appliants LOL

    What beautiful photos thank you for sharing!

  7. bittenbyreality Says:

    Stunning! I was on Maui last June for a wedding (see my blog’s header pic) and unfortunately we didn’t have time to make it on the road to Hana. Seeing these makes me want to go back and spend more than 3 days! Thanks for sharing.

  8. tracyz Says:

    Your pictures have a dream like quality to them. What kind of camera did you use?

  9. katiefoutz Says:

    The hubby and I have driven the Hana Highway, but I didn’t get photos this good. Thanks for posting these beautiful images.

  10. kk7002 Says:

    Stunning photos! The “Bridge of Three Bear Falls” is breathtaking not just for the person standing on the bridge looking down. Did you enhance the photos? The light is just magical. -Kirsten

  11. Breland Kent Says:


    You are right but stunning is not the word…Beyond beautiful maybe? Unbelievable. Thanks for sharing.

    ~Ramona Kent~
    Author of Anomar’s Journey

  12. ramonakent Says:

    Great photographs!!

  13. Theresa Says:

    These photos are GORGEOUS! The last time I vacationed in Hawaii, I was 15. It reminds me why people love it so much. Thanks for sharing!

  14. NANsee Says:

    These are amazing photos! I love the way the natural lighting hits everything
    I wish I had the chance to go when I was there.

  15. hannahfergesen Says:

    Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to go to Hawaii!

  16. Dorian Wacquez Says:

    Say, these are great photographs and there is something surreal about them, no? Something with the colors almost makes them look like they were made on the computer, haha.

    Anyhow, I really like the one outside of the pork taco shop. So much so that I was hoping that i could use it on my website as the “inspiring Image of the Week” Would you mind? Naturally you would be given credit and a link would be made back to your blog.

    Keep it up!


    ~Dorian Wacquez

  17. Breland Says:

    Those photos are stunning! Great job 🙂

  18. Breland Kent Says:

    Your photography is outstanding! Great post 😉

  19. Remain.Simple Says:

    omg, nice pictures. HDR?


  20. slamdunk Says:

    Great photos. The road to Hana was an amazing journey for us as well. My advice is: volunteer to drive as riding in the backseat on that road one may need a barf bag.

  21. kophiebeans Says:

    so pretty… you live a good life there. 🙂

  22. Rohit Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pics.

  23. Jessley Says:

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. Your pics remind me very much of New Zealand with its breathtaking beauty and rugged country. It also has the black sand beaches on the western side of the north island and stunning white sand on the eastern shoreline. If you can make it there, a trip to NZ would be well worth your while.

  24. theteacher174 Says:

    wow. These are some amazing pictures. They give me ideas for when I go to Hawaii sometime in the near future

  25. Songbird Says:

    These pics are STUNNING!!

  26. llynya Says:

    These pictures are stunning beautiful. Thanks so much for taking them. Want to go there, too 😉

  27. Donna Green Says:

    I love your work, Jason. I am enrolled in the Axia College of the University of Phoenix (online school) and I would like to use the picture of the saguaro from the Arizona collection for the HTML expansion for school. of course, I will give credit were credit is due, including a link back to your site.

    Great Work!


    Donna Green

  28. jhsketch Says:

    Stunning photographs Jason.
    Keep it up!

  29. mike Says:

    What nice scenery there. I like the colors.

  30. richard joseph Says:


  31. Svetlana Belkin Says:

    I like the first photo, if it was a landscape-style, it would be a cool wallpaper.

  32. Tracy Says:

    WOW! AMAZING photographs!!!


  33. Desiree Says:

    the Hana Highway is beautiful. i hardly remember it from when I went, but YOU CAPTURED THESE PERFECTLY! you make it even more gorgeous here…. wowww i’m in awe

  34. Sean Kane Says:

    Stunning photos! They really sell the wonder and beauty of the highway. Nicely done!

  35. Rivertrekker Says:

    Awesome pictures!

  36. Some Girl Says:

    Beautiful and Amazing!

  37. unforgivens Says:

    I found your site from the WordPress.com page which has several sites that are strong enough to make the page. Your site is wonderful and beautiful.

  38. 1 year olds « Jason's Photo Blog Says:

    […] – This post on the Hana Highway made the Freshly Pressed or front page of […]

  39. Janet Coward Says:

    I did the ‘Road to Hana’ last week and it was as amazing as those photos! Great work 🙂

  40. Debbie Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. I am taking my family on a Hawaiian cruise in April of next year. Maui is one of our stops and we plan to drive this road. Is the road past Lindburgh’s grave as bad as people say?

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