Happy Birthday Roach!

Today is my good buddy Roach’s birthday. Roach’s real name is Joseph or Joe but most often Joey or just Roach. I’ve known Roach as long as I can remember, we grew up in the same trailer park!.

He's a proud father to Lucas

He has a beautiful wife named Cheryl


He enjoys the vids

This is how he might have looked in the 70's

I have some amazing video footage of Roach playing volleyball in a bikini on Savary Island, unfortunately I can’t post it here, after all I wouldn’t want him to sue me.

Roach likes hockey, golf, fishing, camping, darts, guitars and video games. He talks loud! He has a big heart that he often wears on his sleeve. He is thoughtful and is always there to lend a hand.

Hope you catch a lunker this week my friend, Happy Birthday Roachy!


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