Happy Birthday Mike “El Fuego” Johnston

Today is my good buddy Mike J’s birthday. Mike is a great guy and I’d like to tell you a little about him.

Firstly, he has an alter-ego that few people ever catch a glimpse of.

When he's not saving the planet he can sometimes be found relaxing on a mountain top in Arizona.

He's a flashy dresser...

...and a very good golfer!

He has high expectations.

He's a bit of a beach bum.

He is married to the lovely Kat...

...whom he treats like a princess.

He likes hot yoga, anywhere, anytime.

He likes the night life...

...and lounging in his crib.


Mike is one of the funniest, quick witted people I have ever met. He get’s “IT”. He is generous and hard working, he enjoys 80’s metal, traveling, golf and a splash of Crown Royal on occasion. Little known fact…Mike once appeared on the Geraldo Rivera show, true story!.

Hope your having a great day down in the dessert my friend, Happy 23rd!


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One Response to “Happy Birthday Mike “El Fuego” Johnston”

  1. dawnegourley Says:

    Happy birthday Mike! You’re in great birthday company celebrating in April – see previous post. Hugs and best wishes from Mike and Dawne.

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