Happy Birthday Dawne-O

Today is my friend Dawne-O’s birthday. Dawne-O is a very “special friend” and I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you a little about her.

She is strong and loves to keep fit.

Fake black eye. She will give you a black eye punk!.

She has a great husband with a funny shirt.

Sometimes she has a snarl...

... but mostly just a beautiful smile.

She is a professional baker and pastry chef...

...here is an example of her handy work in the kitchen.

She used to enjoy these.

She has a great blog on healthy eating which you can reach by clicking on this image.

She is a bookworm and can read a book a day.

She enjoys hats.

She runs marathons.

She enjoys a good garage sale.

Another hat.

She has a sweet Leica and is a talented photographer.

Another hat.

She has her own tortilla press.

She's a good ice skater.

Like her husband Mike, she too likes going to the pumpkin patch.

She has an orange 1976 BMW to carry her pumpkins around.

She loves a good story...

..and she lives everyday to the fullest.

Dawne is a Jill of all trades, someone who excels at whatever she puts her mind to. She is a true talent, a great teacher and a thoughtful and generous friend.

You are an inspiration and I love you Dawne-O, Happy Birthday!


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5 Responses to “Happy Birthday Dawne-O”

  1. Leslie, Rob , Kaden and Kile Says:

    Happy Birthday Dawne!!! we hope you have the best day ever

    Lots of love
    Leslie, Rob, Kaden and Kile!

  2. JoeyRoach Says:

    Happy Birthday Dawne. By the way how old R U?

  3. JoeyRoach Says:

    Sooo cool I just celebrated the 18th anniversay of my 19th. Good times.

  4. HotFrugal! Says:

    I just stumbled on to your blog… I love your photos, and the birthday tributes to your friends were very fun to read. Kudos!

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