BC Business

***Buffs nails on chest*** So there you have it, yours truly with seven images in the April issue of BC Business magazine, there’s even a centerfold!. I was hired by ITC (ITC Construction Group) to make images of a number of their projects for a promotional feature. If you happen by BC Business on the magazine rack this month perhaps you will pick up a copy.


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7 Responses to “BC Business”

  1. riverliver Says:

    nice work jevans. i smell some momentum…

  2. Leslie Says:

    Awesome Jay!! did you do it with Photomatix?

  3. jevanshead Says:

    Thanks, yeah they did use a few HDR images. I was surprised actually.

  4. Jen Bellmann Says:

    Hey! Nice work, we were interviewed last season for EAT Magazine, there was some interest for doing a follow up interview for BC Business in the future, maybe you’ll come see us for a photo shoot! Would be great!
    Jen Bellmann (Riley) Powell River now in Armstrong BC
    Our website is in the works

    • jevanshead Says:

      Hey Jen,

      Thanks for taking a look. Congrats on the EAT interview, I’ve never been to Armstrong before!

      Take care, Jason.

  5. dawnegourley Says:

    Great work Jay. Congratulations, I’m very proud.

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