Pho sho!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m telling you for my own selfish reason really. It’s a place called Pho Number One and it serves the best Vietnamese food in the city…Pho sho!. I’m telling you about it out of fear it could one day go away, the more people I can introduce to it the less possibility I will ever have to live without it.

Seriously though, you have to go try it yourself. The rare beef noodle soup is so delicious I could eat it everyday. The BBQ’d beef Vietnamese sub will blow your mind. Thinly sliced, perfectly marinated beef, the bread is soft but also a little crispy and filled with shredded carrot, cilantro, a radish like vegetable and secret Vietnamese mayo. My buddy Mike and I have ordered as many as three of these in one sitting and eaten them all, at $4 each why wouldn’t you?.

Do yourself a solid and visit Andrew (pictured below) and his Mom at Pho Number One today!.

Andrew with two bowls of phrack (pho crack)

Rare Beef Noodle Pho and fixings

The best Vietnamese sub in Vancouver

Mystery chilli oil

Oh don’t forget the chilli oil, it’s a must on both the soup and the sub.


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One Response to “Pho sho!”

  1. dawnegourley Says:

    I love Pho Number One. Your photo of the sub is freaking YUM!

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