Yoga Farts = Presence?

I’ve been practicing yoga seriously now for a few months. I personally haven’t had the misfortune of having a fart slip out while in Crow or any other pose for that matter. Recently a young woman in my class did just that! One moment you are enjoying Malasana, the instructor asks you to convert to Crow, you find your balance, ass up high, when in an instant *** insert your own reasonably aggressive fart sound here *** and just like that you, depending who you are, want to die.

I’m not judging, I can see how easily this could happen to anyone. Pick your poison, if I were to eat tacos or a ham sandwich hours before a class I too could suffer a sneaky toot. The fart itself is of course shocking for everyone, and is followed by an instantaneous and collective disbelief for the fartee. Oddly what’s worse/better is the collective silence (presence or stillness we all seek) that fills the room thereafter; seconds feel like hours, with the fartee no doubt praying it doesn’t pack a punch.

My apologies, I have no images to accompany this post.


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6 Responses to “Yoga Farts = Presence?”

  1. Leslie Says:

    I feel so sorry for that poor woman…..oh I would just die!!!

  2. Kat Says:

    No Photos????
    It says right at the top… yes, up there…. JASONS PHOTO BLOG…… yeeesh…

  3. jevanshead Says:

    Sorry Kat, the room was so dark.

    I would be happy to mock up a shot, hmmm I just need to find a model =;)

  4. jevanshead Says:

    Les are you admitting that you fart?

  5. joe Says:

    sooo…yer callin’ her right!?

  6. mommyopenhouse Says:

    This post made me laugh my ass off! Love it. I’ll never forget being the one stuck beside Ivan in yoga class when he let ‘er rip and truly didn’t seem to care. We all watched him walk into the room after that hoping and praying he would put his mat next to us…I got lucky…just the one fart.

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