“Hi Uncle Jason, It’s David.”

I received the following voice mail this past Saturday. My godson David wanting to know if I’d like to join him for some stick and puck.

Cute kid huh! Who wouldn’t want to go skating with him.

We had a great time!. Zio Pete, cousins Mitchell and Adam and friend and equally cute kid Lucas showed up for a couple turns. And just like that, uncle J is off to buy skates for next weekend.



I'm not sure what was being discussed here......

...but shortly after, David took out his Dad and roughed him up.

So smug as he skates away.

Great stick handling.


Adam ripping down the ice.

Lucas crosses over.

David given'r!

Little Ava watched from the stands. I can’t wait to get the same phone call from her in a few years. I wonder if I’ll have to buy figure skates?.


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3 Responses to ““Hi Uncle Jason, It’s David.””

  1. Leslie Says:

    Hey Uncle Jay
    If youre buying skates, bring them to town next time you come to Powell River….id love to go out with you!!!!!!

    Love Kaden

  2. jevanshead Says:

    For sure. You can teach me how to play hockey.

  3. Happy Birthday Dave! « Jason's Photo Blog Says:

    […] a very special day. It’s my godson David’s 5th birthday! David is a cool dude, he loves playing hockey, and swimming and running and super heroes and doing cartwheels. Oh and you should hear him sing. […]

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