Urban Landscape

Driving to breakfast on the east side this past Saturday I came across this abandoned lot. I often drive right on by photo opportunities and regret it later so I decided to stop and trespass through the already open fence. The first thing that caught my eye and the reason I actually stopped was this bizarre rebar structure. Someone had spray painted a portrait of Jim Morrison on a random piece of concrete clinging to one of it’s rusted arms. My friend described it best saying you could easily move it from it’s seedy east side location to the Vancouver Art Gallery and it would be considered some kind of masterpiece.

We walked around looking at all the randomness and made a few more photos.

And then we came across this scene. I have never seen anything like it. They were everywhere!, literally hundreds of used needles and crack pipes all in one 10 square foot location.

Oddly someone had taken the time to tidy up. Filling a bottle of “Ensure” with a half dozen syringes.


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