My friend Mike and I drove to Sedona yesterday. Words cannot express the beauty of this place. Here are just a few images I made, there are many more to come when I return.






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5 Responses to “Sedona”

  1. wildstorm Says:

    It is beautiful there. And you’ve shown that very well in your photographs.

  2. Perez Christina Says:

    wow.. beautiful place..

    Where is Sedona?

  3. Kat Says:

    Such amazing pictures!
    So great to see Arizona through your eyes. You are a fabulous house guest and a wonderful friend, and are welcome anytime… thanks for all the adventures, the laughs and the stories… xo

    • jevanshead Says:

      Hi Kat,

      Thank you guys so much for your amazing hospitality. I had such a great time and I really appreciate everything.

      P.S. I made it to my gate and haven’t yet “blown a tire”

  4. Athena L. Borozon Says:

    Buenos Dias,

    Of course Sedona was much more beautiful when I was a child 45 years ago and it was in its natural state. You did take photos of some striking features, but it surprises me that you had so little to say of this place that is considered a singular wonder.

    Thank you for sharing photos of your journeys with all of us.

    Con regard,


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