Ap Gu Jung

As promised here is my review of Ap Gu Jung Korean restaurant along with this video in which we receive a surprise visit from Mike and Kat.

There are a multitude of Korean restaurants on Robson St in the West End. My friends and I have sampled many of them but until now never Ap Gu Jung.

The place was busy, and packed with Korean’s. This is always a good sign and we new we were in for a delicious meal. The service was good, perhaps a little slow due to the number of patrons. We both ordered a Hite (Korean beer), our server arrived back at our table moments later looking overly apologetic explaining that they had run out of Hite so would we like something else, we settled on an Asahi.

We ordered the Kimchi seafood pancake as an appetizer, it was full of Kimchi, vegetables, shrimp and other seafood, delicious!

For our main we shared the Sizzling stone bowl of rice, fresh vegetables, seaweed, sesame oil, an egg & hot pepper paste with beef and also the Grilled beef in homemade chili sauce. Everything was amazing, if you like spicy the grilled beef in homemade chili sauce is a must.

I never like to admit that we’ve ordered to much food but we ordered to much food. Next time we will skip the Kimchi pancake and get right into the spicy meat.

Ap Gu Jung gets two thumbs up, or four if you include my friend Mike’s thumbs. The service was friendly and helpful (they cut our meat up for us like three year olds). The place is chalk full of Korean’s and the food speaks for itself. I will return to Ap Gu Jung and so should you!.


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2 Responses to “Ap Gu Jung”

  1. Kat Says:

    ohhhhhh…. payback is when you least expect it………….pants down, passed out and it ends up on utube! ha,ha,ha
    still love you Jay!

  2. Sarah Says:

    The real Apgujung is a district in Seoul that is very rich and known for their plastic surgery clinics.

    It makes me happy that you love Korean food!

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