Back to the beer making already!

Our beer has been fermenting in our primary (white bucket) for a week now. It’s time to rack our beer from the primary into our secondary or (glass carboy).

Pop off your lid, you should see something like this.



Make sure your syphon hose is clean before beginning the racking process. Your kit should have come with some Diversol a cleaning agent.

If you’ve never syphoned before you may have to give it a few try’s. Your primary must be higher than your secondary, stick the hard plastic end of the syphon into your primary and start sucking on the other end. When the beer is about half way down the hose stick the rubber end into your carboy and watch the magic unfold.


Once the carboy is full you need to fill your bung (the one that came with your kit that is) 3/4 full of tap water and bung it up.


That’s it for this step. You can put your glass carboy aside for another week to allow for the rest of the fermentation process to happen. Next we will bottle.


Fast forward one week. You’ll need some bottles. We use Anchor Steam bottles primarily because they look good. Some people like the Grolsh bottles as they have that reusable snap down cap. We like our beers to look authentic so we cap them ourselves. Scrub off the labels and give them a good wash.


Now that our bottles are clean we can rack our beer from our carboy back to the primary. We do this to filter out any remaining sediment and also because we need to add a cup of Dextrose to our beer. Now would be the time to check the alcohol content of your beer. Your kit comes with a hydrometer, fill your test tube with beer and drop in the hydrometer. Dextrose helps the carbonation of our beer along in the bottle. I don’t have an image of this step but it looks very much like the step where we add our yeast in the first phase. You will need to mix one cup of Dextrose with 1 cup of boiling water and add it to the primary once you have syphoned your beer back over.


I recommend purchasing a bottle washer and tree. It’s a great device thats shoots a no rinse hydrogen peroxide up into the bottles and gives you a place to dry them out.


Once your bottles have been rinsed with the hydrogen peroxide you can begin bottling. We also bought a special bottling tip for our syphon, it allows you to start and stop flow making it easier and quicker to bottle.


The last step is capping. When you finish capping you can put the bottled beer aside for another week.



Fast forward another week, after a few days in the fridge your ready to enjoy your brew. This is a clip of my buddy enjoying the first beers from our second batch. We named it UTB (Uncle Tommy’s Breath) in honour of my late uncle. Cheers!


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2 Responses to “Back to the beer making already!”

  1. dawnegourley Says:

    Too bad your production can’t keep pace with your consumption.

  2. robvious Says:

    It must have been hell making all those empties. šŸ™‚
    Good tip on the bottle washer –biggest pain to do with a bottle brush and a kitchen tap.

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