Dance [dans, dahns]

to move one’s feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, esp. to the accompaniment of music.

I’m not much of a dancer, ok I’m a horrible dancer!. That said after 6 (make that 9) beer I often feel, act and even dress like this man or better yet this man. My friends seem to enjoy it when I bust a move, out come the cameras usually on a video setting. I actually coined my own move a few years back, it’s called “The Pony”. The clip below is not “The Pony”, sadly most of you will never get to see “The Pony”. Well, I suppose you might if we ever drink 9 beers together.

My friend Lisa came for a visit recently, she can dance well!. She asked me to make some photos of her dancing in my loft so we moved all of the furniture out of the way and cranked up the tunes. Here are some of my favourites.



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